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Dynamic Path's CLEP Biology Exam Prep app is the perfect tool to help students prepare for the CLEP Biology subject test.

We recognize your time is valuable, so each question is structured to help you master an important area of knowledge for the test. This module contains 160 simulated exam questions addressing nearly all the topics commonly covered on the exam, including:

- Cellular Biology
- Molecular Biology
- Population Biology
- Classical Genetics
- Organismal Biology
- Evolution and Diversity

Each question is followed by a clear and insightful explanation paired with a Key Takeaway that summarizes the key learning point of the question, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material.

Use as a practice test, study material or refresher! This module designed specifically for the CLEP, but would also be beneficial in studying for the Advanced Placement (AP), A-Levels, PRAXIS II, GED, MCAT and ASVAB exams as well as an introductory level Biology class at the college level.

Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the College Board.

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Buy Now For the Web 161 questions for only $4.99